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We're truely dedicated to make your travel experience best

Bushwide African Safaris is an exclusive company founded on the principle of providing to our guests a true experience of the life, culture and natural beauty of Tanzania. Let our experienced guides show you the cultures and wilds of Africa. It is the intent of Bushwide African Safaris to design a safari around you. We will work with each of our guests to discover your desires, interests and needs to create a safari wholly fulfilling for you...

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Meet Our Team

KUNDAEL MOLLA | Owner & Founder

Hi there! My name is Kundael, am the owner, founder and managing director of Bushwide African Safaris. My passion for adventure is only exceeded by my passion and love for sharingthe drama and charm of the Tanzania’s theater. This is the motivation behind Bushwide African Safaris. I am a true Chagga son of Tanzania. After growing up living amongst tour guides brothers & sisters (my family) who always gave me plenty of reasons to live outdoor life, explore Tanzania’s beauty and more. In addition to my fluent knowledge of the cultures and close relationships with the people living and working in the reserves provides me with an opportunity to give visitors a unique, "off the beaten path" experience.
I would definitely like to take this moment to welcome you all to share with you the untamed adventure experience absolutely surrounded by the drama and charm of the Tanzania’s greatest theater, every angle unique and each moment personalized. KARIBU SANA.

YUSUF | Safari Guide

My name is Yusuph one of Bushwide African Safaris guides with license No TTGA 0020 of professional guides. I grew up in Kilimanjaro region and have spent the past 8+ years in the safari industry, guiding clients throughout Tanzania Northern Circuit’s Parks fulfilling our client’s adventure dreams. With us your fantastic safari will explore many different aspects of this landscape and intricate interconnection. Hakuna Matata, Twende Safari.

EMMANUEL LYIMO | Climbing Guide

My name is Emmanuel a Kilimanjaro & Meru mountains professional guide with license number KG-779 with 10 years of experience which includes leadingseveral groups from around the globe.I was born and raised in Kilimanjaro region just at the feet of Mt Kilimanjaro (Marangu Village). With the extensive knowledge and experience I have on these mountains I would love to share them with you in every aspects of ensuring successful climb. Let’s go pole pole (slowly slowly) to the summit.

Why Choose Us

Purely based on Experience:

We provide an excellent outcome for personal services, quality, and value through extensive research and an all-inclusive database backed up. We make it possible by allowing our allocated agents to travel to the places they sell on a regular basis. They travel and inspect the newest attributes along with older ones that have undergone any changes. Our acknowledgment of this aspect is what makes our company an above average travel consultancy. Thus enabling us to meet our customer's needs, and queries.

We are happy to make tailor-made itinerary on your own time frame.

Our Services are 24 / 7

Our offices are open from Monday to Saturday from 8 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm . However, you can contact us anytime through our online services with regard to our services and with any other queries you may have pertaining to your travel plans 24/7.

No Hidden Costs or Extra Service Charges:

Price that finalized from Bushwide Africa Safaris for adventures and tours is the price that our clients pay. We never have and never will install hidden charges into the cost of our trips and go to great lengths to assure that customers are made fully aware of the services that we provide.That is the reason we made your trip in the luxuries way you want by selecting the trips on Bag packers, budget.

Value for money:

With the due knowledge of our departments, we not only offer reasonable prices to our customers but also evaluate the maximum opportunity for choices and flexibility. Moreover, Our Company provides a secure payment system that takes the stress and hassles out of traveling by providing easy payment options, including credit and bank to bank transfer. We are very fair.

Your dream is our passion:

We are passionate about working with you to plan Treks and Tours of your dreams. What truly differentiates from other companies is our attention to detail interest,and the passion for building perfection in everytrips that we organized, we manage the itineraries of your trips ensuring the quality of programs throughout the whole package from beginning to completion.